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 Notes of Persimmon Citron, Cedarwood, Cardamon & Clove inspired N.A.S.H

Moment offers an electrifying fragrance.

Life is all about the journey not the destination. Somedays the load is heavy and the storms seem to never leave but Not All Storms Hurt. They are meant to teach, correct and pivot life so that we are closer to our goals.

Close your eyes and picture the perfect storm outside. Lightning cracks as rain pours from the sky. Serene thoughts caress the brain, and the body relaxes, giving in the loud noises and persistent rain. Heaviness leaves the body, feeling refreshed.  You open your eyes thankful for the peace of the storm. 

Moment Road Trip

Notes of Strawberry, Guava, Mango, Coconut and Mandarin Orange inspired Road Trip

A Tantalizing . Tropical Fragrance.

Get in and don't look back! Snacks are packed and the playlist is set.  Let this candle give you the sense of adventure. No matter where you wish to go. 

Feeling up for something spontaneous? Same. Inspired by the trips that made us take the long way somewhere new. 


Moment Five 19

Notes of Orange Blossom & Tonka seed inspired May 19

An Airy, Mild Fragrance.

Celebration!  You did it! He did it! We did it! Whether it's a graduation, the birth of a child or you finally took off for that much-needed vacation, this is the moment for you. 

Celebrate every and any milestone in your life with this candle. This candle was inspired by the spirit of graduation. The highs and lows of getting to the end and the joy of finally reaching it.

Moment Eight 27

Notes of Peach, Apple, White Tea, and Citrus inspired August 27th

A Sweet & Harmonious Fragrance.

It's a hot summer's day. The sun is shining and your mood is high. Let this candle take you to your favorite summer moment.

Our families love any reason to get together and summer is a perfect time. This moment is inspired by the barbeques, laughter, and good music that only summer seems to provide. Date sentimental to the man who grilled with all his heart. 

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Moment Grandma's House

Notes of Vanilla, Blueberry Cheesecake and Banana Nut Bread inspired Grandma House

A Calm. Warm Fragrance.

It's Sunday and grandma's house is the place to be. Your favorite cousin just walked in and grandma is busy making something sweet. The house is filled with laughter and family. Today is a good day.  Let this candle take you back to a moment with joy, warmth and love. 

Transparent Moment: My grandma passed November 1, 2021. When this moment was created, I had no clue the moments in this candle would mean so much to me. This is for the Grandma's that always looked out for you. The person who kept your secrets and loved you a little extra. 

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