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Curated to the experiences that birthed A Moment Candles. This page takes you on a journey on the scents that crafted our love of candles and the experiences it takes you on.

Want to experience something vintage? Shoot us a message an we can get a retro moment started for you. 

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Celebration! You did it! He did it! We did it! It’s important to take time to give a pat on the back. Life’s hard!

When lit the LIGHT smell of Honeysuckle, Figs, Mir and Orange emerges as the wood wick crackle.

Vintage Moments: News & Updates


Ahh, the twenty somethings. A time where life felt chaotic but put together. Imposter syndrome roamed freely and the idea of growing up felt like a trap. It's a time of open ended questions of life, love and meaning. To be grown but still growing. It's a spiritual journey that no one can prepare for but is needed. In the end, one learns that those twenty somethings weren't that bad and life gets better with age,ahh but God bless those twenty somethings. 

When lit the ENTICING smell of Orchard Pear, Wassail & Sel Del Mer emerges as the wood wick crackles.



It's Sunday and grandma's house is the place to be. Your favorite cousin just walked in and grandma is busy making something sweet. The house is filled with laughter and family. Today is a good day. Let this candle take you to a moment with joy, warmth and love.

When lit the LOVING smell of Blueberry, Vanilla, Nutmeg and Graham Cracker emerges as the wood wick crackles.

Vintage Moments: News & Updates


For many, the best part of a birthday is the cake. It’s one of the few things that’s meant for one but can be shared with many. Whether you love getting older or dread each year the love of blowing out the candle takes you right back to childhood.

When lit the FESTIVE smell of yellow cake, strawberries, dreams and lemon emerges as the wood wick crackle.

date night photo.webp


Whether it's your first date or your 100th date, each date night is special and meant to be enjoyed.  It's something special about getting dressed up and heading out to spend time outside of our normal routine. Even if it's just for the night.

When lit the CHARMING smell of Fresh Pineapple, Musk , Amber and Plum emerges as the wood wick crackles.

Vintage Moments: News & Updates
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