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A Moment for wholesale

Discover Services for Professionals & Avid Candle Lovers

We believe that moment makers are people who seize every opportunity that is for them in an effort to share their gift with the world. Passionate people who believe that we are connected through shared experiences.

The Moment Maker Initiative is designed to give those who enjoy our candles a chance to share, create, and/or give an experience all their own. We want those who truly believe that a moment can happen at every burn, to be given a chance to be creative, just as we have been throughout this process. 

Looking to get a higher quantity of candles?

We offer packages that give you the ability to enjoy our candles in a higher quantity than you could online. In this package, you can select 24- 50+ candles that can be customized to your moment. This package is perfect for gifts, small businesses, weddings, or just to be enjoyed.

looking to create a special moment?

​We can help with that. We offer two options: 

  • Custom Label- everything you love about our candles but with your special touch on the labeling. We do all the heavy lifting, you just bring the ideas on what kind of label you want to see. 

  • Remix- build a moment from the ground up. Here you can customize your label, scent, and accessories. The wax will always be black and the wick stays wooden. Everything else is up to you. 

How can we get started creating?

Let's create something special. Email us at so we can cultivate a moment you will never forget.

Wholesale Moments: FAQ
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